PSP2 Release Date and Specs Leaked: Price and Review Still Hazy

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Some rumors are circulating all over some websites, which leads to an idea that Sony will be releasing the next generation of PSP in the form of the PSP2. The said rumor has been ongoing for quite some time now. However, Sony has denied these rumors. But these rumors did not stop from there, it continues to live on and apparently a lot of signs have been pretty evident lately and pointing to a new PSP in the making.

In the PAX 2010 interview with Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick regarding the Mortal Combat reboot, Himmerick gave some clue that a PSP2 development unit is at the Netherrealm Studios and also made some comment about the rumored device. In the said interview, Himmerick apparently referred to the PSP 2 as a pretty powerful machine.

Current rumors referring to the next generation of the PSP also suggests that the said device is rumored to come with the following features:

  • Have a built-in camera
  • Comes with a built-in memory
  • Sports dual analog knobs OR
  • Full touchscreen
  • No more UMD
  • May or may not be a slider

Ongoing rumors about the PSP2 basically present two concepts. First concept is that the PSP 2 will basically bear the same shape as the original PSP. But there were others who believed that it will be the other way around and presents a second concept that the PSP 2 will come with a different overall shape, but sticks to its physical and tactile control. The second concept also presents the PSP 2 as a device having two analog sticks that many have been clamoring for since the day the original PSP was released. So which of these two concepts is more realistic? Will it be the first concept or the second one?

Sony has been silent regarding this issue. That is why a lot of people are left wondering whether there is a truth behind these rumors. Previous rumors also pegged the PSP 2 for a 2011 launch. But since Sony has not made any confirmation yet that it will be coming out with the PSP2, we can assume that if ever there is some truth to these rumors, it will take some time before we see this device. So watch out for more updates.

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