Sony S1 Playstation Tablet: Release Date Updates and Specs Possibility

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I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again. if you are a consumer-electronic company creating mobile devices, and you don’t have any plans to manufacture your own tablet, chances are, your decision will create a big mass of negative impacts toward your corporation. You see, the tablet-bandwagon since last year has been flooding the gateway of the public market, creating a new type of urge for customers to get these “post-pc” devices soon.

And just like that, Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer has confirmed with Nikkei newspaper that S will be revealing its first flagship tablet this year and this one may be called as “S1”.

In case you have remembered, we have reported last February that Sony is prepping up for a 9.4-inch tablet which may be called as the S1 or S2 tablet with a clamshell type of design. As far as its specs are concerned, it’s expected to run the latest Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and it may deliver some exclusive “Playstation-certified” content applications which are very much anticipated by pundits.

Likewise, it’s obvious that S will be marketing this “Playstation tablet” more like the Xperia Play, having exclusive gaming-apps on the green market, which aren’t compatible with other Android smartphones [tablets].

Expected release date by the end of this summer as hinted by Bloomberg.


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