SpareOne AA Battery Cellphone: Amazing Features, Price and Release To Save Lives

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As we all know, CES is the time of the year when all the gadget hunters and tech aficionados gathered up to celebrate the event. Naturally, this means a megaton of opportunity for companies to unveil their products that will set the tone of the industry for the coming year ahead. Well, in case you are settling in for the long run with your device, you may want to see what Xpal – the company behind Energizer — has stored for you revealing the world’s first cellphone able to last up to 15 years, not because it was charged by some funky hydrogen fuel cell, but because it runs with a Single AA battery — yeah, that one you’re using on your flashlight!

As reiterated by the company, its flagship device is perfect in real-life emergency situations when access to an electric outlet is nowhere to be found. Utilizing its patented battery technology, SpareOne can give anyone full access on using cellphone’s basic feature like calling with your relatives powered by a double-A battery. Once it’s in, the whole unit can last 10 hours of talk time, and remains charged up to 15 years when remain unused by the user – that is – if the batter you have put inside didn’t rust out already. Likewise, this is the reason why the company recommends Energizer Ultimate Lithium which is its “longest-lasting battery” that can hold its charge more than other AA battery made in this world.

If you’re interested, SpareOne will have its release later this quarter costing for only $49.99 that comes bundled with a microSIM so you can use it for your GSM calls with your local carrier.


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