Street Fighter X Tekken: Poison Sexy Gameplay and New Characters (Video)

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Following the news for Capcom’s latest versus title Street Fighter X Tekken has always been surrounded with negative comments and pointless debates as to how and who will be its characters. Since we first heard of this project last February, the company has been silent towards its details not until we saw its leaked rosters on April that propelled to its big release for this year’s Comic-Con. Likewise, fans who have attended the event today have got what they came from as Capcom reveals a super trailer for the game along with the revelation of its new characters.

First one is this clip from Tekken’s badass alien Yoshimitsu. He’ll be joining with new characters such as Dhalsim, Steve Fox and Poision — a new femme fatale that raises some question if she’s a real valid Street Fighter character or not.

If you’ll do a little background search about Poison, this voluptuous lady was only first heard in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and she remains as a “close friend” / manager of Hugo. Actually, she originated as one of Final Fight’s characters made by Capcom last decade and she remained unplayable for a lot of SF titles. Anyway, since rumors are suggesting fans are eager to see her become a real playable character in Street Fighter, that’s more than enough reason for Capcom to include her in SF x Tekken.

I mean, what gamers could ever resist such curves and glutes?


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