Super Bowl Online 2012: Free Live Stream For Everyone?

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While the Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sports events every year, not everyone has the money and convenience to catch it live. As a result, fans are forced to watch the replay or—worse—know the results before they watch the replay. But for the Super Bowl 2012, it looks like almost everyone can watch it live wherever they are.

The 2012 Super Bowl will finally stream live online and on mobile devices, according to the NFL and NBC. They also announced that the wild card Saturday and the Pro Bowl will be available online and on Verizon’s NFL Mobile app. These streaming live of the games will include different camera angles, in-game highlights, ads and live statistics of the teams and their players.

According to Hans Schroeder, NFL’s senior vice president of media strategy and development, the streaming of the games online and on mobile devices will be done so fans who don’t have TVs can still stay connected to the game. And in this way, it benefits them as well because they get to expand their audience reach.

When it comes to payments and non-Verizon users, there is no announcement yet as to whether users have to pay in order to watch the Super Bowl or whether non-Verizon users will have access to the games. The streaming online and on mobile devices could start on February 5, 2012 for the Super Bowl from Indianapolis. This game is by far the biggest attraction on television with last season’s Packers-Steelers game reaching 111 milion viewers.

We’re just hoping it would be free so everyone can enjoy and stay connected to the games.


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