T-Mobile myTouch HD Leaked Specs and Release Date | Price and Review Soon!

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The field of touch-enabled mobile phones has been greatly expanding as well as Android-based phones. And joining this wide array of products in the market is the upcoming T-Mobile myTouch HD, which is apparently the first dual core Android phone that will be operating on America’s largest 4G network. While most of our attention is drawn towards the T-mobile G2, some documents showing early information about the upcoming myTouch HD has been leaked and is all over the web lately.

Based on the said documents, T-mobile is set to launch another Android-based phone called the myTouch HD. Basically, it boasts some key features like video chatting through the T-mobile 3G and HSPA+ network or over Wi-Fi, new screen share feature and a smarter Genius button, which is capable of reading out an SMS message while on the driving mode and even enables its user to speak as a way to response to the said SMS message.

The myTouch HD is a sleek and ultra thin portable device that is easy to carry wherever you are and easily slips in your pocket. This new Android-based phone was especially designed to deliver spontaneous HD connection accompanied by a pretty impressive specs and solid hardware features that most mobile users crave for.

Only some limited information has been available regarding its specs and some of this initial information includes the following:

  • Runs on an Android 2.2 operating system
  • Sports a 3.8-inch touchscreen
  • Comes with Swype QWERTY keyboard
  • Has an internal memory of 4GB
  • Includes an 8GB external SD card which is expandable up to 32GB
  • Comes with a 5MP camera with auto-focus feature and LED Flash
  • Comes with a VGA front-facing camera
  • Supports HSPA+, 3G and Wi-Fi networks

As of now, only this set of information is available for this upcoming phone. Obviously, there is a lot more questions to be answered regarding its specs, price as well as availability. Although based on these initial details, it seems that we are looking forward to a phone which boasts off a good set of specs and features.

Many gadget websites have speculated that the myTouch HD resembled Desire HD, but based on these leaked documents, it appears that they are two different phones. As of this moment, price as well as availability date remains unannounced, but there are some rumors that it is slated for a November 3 release.

For now, we’ll just have to wait for T-Mobile’s official announcement and see for ourselves what the myTouch HD has to offer.


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