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Super Smash Bros Wii U To Release A Week Before Black Friday

Nintendo’s Wii U will have a new title before Black Friday event – the Super Smash Bros. See details.


New Nintendo Console For Budget Gamers Like In China

Nintendo plans to sell a new budget console to help solve its money problems.


Nintendo Financial 2014 Falls Again, Road To Armageddon Continues

Nintendo is still undergoing a turmoil for its income failing to make substantial profit from Wii U.


Nintendo Earnings Down; In Dire Financial Situation?

Nintendo could be in serious financial trouble as its recent earnings report had shown lower than expected forecast in sales. See details.


Nintendo Won’t Make Games For Smartphones, For Now

Nintendo denied rumors that it’s planning to release mini-games for smartphones and tablets to save the company from possible bankruptcy.


Wii U No More, Nintendo Plans To Venture On Smart Devices

Nintendo plans to venture on mobile gaming after suffering poor financial results on its Wii U console.


Nintendo 2DS Pokemon Bundle To Release This Week

Nintendo 2DS bundles Pokemon for the first time. See price details.


Nintendo 2DS Is Not A Joke, Cheap Price and Release Confirmed

Nintendo rolls out its hinge-less console called Nintendo 2DS. See specs and price details.


Nintendo 3DS Beats Xbox 360 and PS3 In USA As The Best Seller

Nintendo 3DS is reportedly on top of the food chain beating Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles in sales figures.


Nintendo Q2 2013 Earnings: Wii U Sales Still A Disappointment

Nintendo has released its Q2 2013 earnings with Wii U sales still down.