The Last Of Us: Release Shows A Possible Trilogy From Its Registered Domains

Posted on 12 December 2011 by author

The recently concluded video-game awards gave us a lot of juicy insights about the upcoming titles next year. Obviously, the new IP that stand out from the crowd was Naughty Dog’s PS3 exclusive “The Last Of Us” especially after they’ve unveiled its teaser showcasing two possible protagonists (Joel & Ellie) along with its amazing graphics engine.

For today’s unearthing, it appears there’s a possibility TLOU will be part of a trilogy similar with the Uncharted franchise hitting its third sequel release this year (last month).

If you’ll reverse-ip “lastofus.com” and use this website, you’ll see three exact matches for the domain, ie: lastofus.com, lastofus2.com and lastofus3.com. It’s notable to say other reverse-ip sites don’t produce the same match.

Tracing it with who.is, you can see the other two domains were also registered from the same name servers: ns43.worldnic.com / ns44.worldnic.com although it’s noticeable their registrant has an appended “ATTN LASTOFUS2.COM”, “ATTN LASTOFUS3.COM” hinting the two domains are not just a placeholder for cyber-squatters.

Naturally, we’re not stating the new franchise will indeed have two other sequels but since this is Naughty Dog we’re talking about, it’s interesting to think about the possibility of The Last Of Us following the footsteps of Uncharted in terms of future release.

Note: In case you bumped on the domain, “thelastofus.com”, it means you got trolled by the net.


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