Third Most Popular Mod On Skyrim In Action With Water Texture Pack — Impressive?

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The past week has been really interesting on Nexus as the biggest repository of Skyrim mods revealed several interesting projects from modders like this FXAA Injector mod adding layers of effects to the game’s environment. Or this adult-oriented “killable children” mod which does perfectly what it’s meant to do.

For today, the thing that we’re featuring are these two texture mods that will greatly enhance the details for Skyrim’s nightsky and water properties.

So the first one will be called “Enhanced Night Skyrim” mod made by CptJoker (link) and currently, this is the third most popular mod for the game (113.7k total downloads) which is a high-res texture for the night sky of Skyrim replacing its dull effects with a real starfield photography. You’ll even see constellation forming which is pretty cool for those who can appreciate it.

Check it out

The next one will be the “Realistic Water Textures” mod (link) which was one of the most endorsed mod for the past forty-eight hours reaching up to 12.2k downloads right now. Likewise, the mod dramatically alters the texture on all of Skyrim’s water properties.

Check it out

The coolest thing about both of these mod is that they’re compatible with each other (.ini files are different). Meaning, you can install both of them on your PC and their effects will reflect on the game.

For those who are interested, you can also check this “nude mod” which is another delight for some gamers.


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