Toyota FCV Plus 2016 Is A Hydro Powered Concept Car

Posted on 18 October 2015 by author

The opening of the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show was highlighted by Toyota’s new hydrogen-powered car called FCV Plus. The fuel cell car concept looks fascinating in terms of extending power because it can share excess power to homes through its exterior containers.


One can detect the fuel cell at the middle of the front wheels as it powers four electric motors simultaneously. The automobile can sit four persons and can provide weight balance even during actual operation. As stated earlier, the design is not pleasing to the eyes, perhaps because of the location of its fuel cell. The exterior dimensions include the length at 149.60 inches, width at 68.89 inches, height at 60.62 inches and the wheelbase at 118.11 inches. The steering wheel is said to be standalone featuring two buttons at the center and it has two front seats.

The front glass looks like a digital display but its interior does not contain a dashboard. The hydrogen system FCV Plus is obviously a company secret although this can be easily deciphered by anyone well-versed in hydrogen cell manipulation. Be that as it may, there’s no word as to the car’s availability for now.


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