Toys R Us Cyber Monday 2010: Deals on Taylor Swift / Justin Bieber Dolls and Zhu Zhu Pets!

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Now here’s something to look forward to after the Black Friday Sale for the kids to enjoy – or is it? For our first time visitors, you should know that after every Black Friday sale, some shops still chooses to continue their deals on Monday a.k.a Cyber Monday and some news pundits claim that for this year, Cyber Monday would be the definite choice of buyers than Black Friday – but I say it’s only pure BS.

So our stop for today is Toys R Us, after doing a lengthy post of everything that you needed to know about the deals being offered by the giant toy shop, It’s time to ask if it will be celebrating a Cyber Monday as well? The answer is, a big Yes! And in fact its set of deals is somewhat ‘cute’ and similar with what it is offering for its doorbusters on Black Friday 2010. Check out the breakdown of the deals.

  • Club Penguin (30% off discounts)
  • Little Tikes Products (20% off discounts)
  • All Tron Action Figures (20% off discounts)
  • Bratz, Liv and Taylor Swift Dolls and Playsets (15% off discounts)
  • Slashed 10 bucks on any Kinect, Playstation, Nintendo Wii games you buy
  • Zhu Zhu Pets Set / Collection (5-10 USD)
  • Justin Bieber Collection (still available)

If you are somewhat interested on attending this one, the opening time will be on 12:01 am on November 29. Just make sure you don’t wake up the kids when you left your home, okay?


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