Traxxas XO-1: Price, Specs and Release For Fastest RC Car In The Planet

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RC buffs and afficionados will be delighted to gaze upon the new Traxxas XO-1 which holds the current record for the world’s fastest ready-to-race radio-controlled (RC) car.

This toy is certainly for the big boys and fan of race track scenes. The XO-1 sports an all-wheel-drive electric system flaunting a top speed of over 100mph (161 Kph) – that’s 0-100mph – in just 4.92 seconds. This little fellow, which weighs just 10.3 lbs. and measures 27-inch long, will give full-scale sports cars a run for their money.

And we know you just love to hear more about its technical specs so here it is. To start with, the XO-1′s exterior is designed for maximum aerodynamics while its interior is powered by a 1,650 Kv Traxxas Big Block Brushless electric motor and 2 rechargeable 5000mAh LiPo batteries. The car itself has a built-in speed, RPM, temperature and voltage telemetry system which provides important real-time information to its owners.

Users make use of the special Traxxas TQi radio system with 2.4GHz frequency to control this monster while on the oval track. Interestingly, the company brewed an essential iOS app, Traxxas Link app, for iPhone and iPod Touch which can be docked on the base of the controller. Real-time information from the car is fed to the iDevice and presented in a high-definition interface which can be saved for tuning purposes or share with friends.

Watch this video to see the XO-1 in action:

The Traxxas XO-1 is intended for professionals (you know, the big boys) and not for home use. Interested customers may avail this one of a kind toy starting December 30th for $1,100 online.


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