Turbo Fire Evo: Price and Release For Xbox 360 Controler with LCD Screen

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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is getting a new controller from Datel with the release of Turbofire Evo which packs turbo button settings, fine-tune rumble and button mapping options.

The third party controller also sports an integrated headset port designed for Xbox Live play and has a design that is precision-engineered to withstand aggressive gameplay. A 1.7” Combat Command LCD display is fully customizable with the controller’s tweaks and with extra profiles when PC-connected via USB port. Datel is UK-based manufacturer of game console and electronic peripherals since 1980s. The controller is good for combat command use; adding of effects; selection of gaming button map and rapid response feature.

The EVO display interface provides control for the following advanced game functionalities: Mission Specific Button Remapping, Multimode Turbo Sire, Combo Sequences, among others. The settings can be fine-tuned for a maximum effect gaming experience. The underside fingertip buttons of EVO are used to manipulate custom profiles and game control options. It is wireless compatible with Xbox 360 and designed for seamless control and accuracy. Other features include: programmable vibration feedback; 20ft wireless range; full analogue input; dual rumble motors and Blue glowing grips showing when Turbo Rapid Fire is enabled.

The Turbo Fire Evo Xbox 360 controller requires 2 x AA batteries, accepts standard rechargeable battery packs and costs $54.99. Hit the source link for more details.



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