Twitter on Billboard Caused Suspension With a TV-Station

Posted on 30 November 2009 by author

Now, we don’t know if this local tv-channel institutes were inspired by the recent Google Voice controlled NASDAQ and Reuter sign this blackfriday or a sci-fi based movie but this ingenious idea doesn’t look like a nice move at all.

A TV-station on Alabama (WPMI-TV) learns that Twitter and Billboard don’t mix quite well and it cost the General Manager and News Director a suspension. What was the famous Tweet?

3 Accused of Gang Rape in Monroeville


A curious driver manages to take a picture of the billboard while the hilarious tweet was being aired, little did the person know that the picture cost a reprieve with the director and manager of the said tv-station.

Now, palmetscoop didn’t cover the entire story if ever there was a censorship system to block ridiculous tweets to be aired on the billboard but SUSPENDING two people who are just trying to be “innovative” may sound a little harsh, doesn’t it?

Obviously, WPMI-TV should have foreseen this type of prank, However the user who tweeted this message also played a major role on giving this kabuki show on the table.

Laughable as it may seems to be. For the suspended people and the 3 tv-anchors, this incident is highly-humiliating.


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