Ultra HD TVs To Release on CES 2013, Requires 3840×2160 Pixels Above

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You’ve probably heard of 4K resolution, a display format that appears in very high-end photography and cinemas and usually has 4000px resolution horizontally, which is more than quadruple of today’s resolution standards. Though soon you’ll have to get used to it having a different name, as the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has given 4K the official designation of Ultra High Definition or Ultra HD.

What’s with the name change? According to the CEA, “Ultra HD” shows that it’s much higher than the standard HD, 720px, and even the current high-end resolution, 1920 x 1080px aka Full HD. It’s also to help people work out what TV on the market is best for them, says CEA president Gary Shapiro.

Aside from that, the CEA has also outlined the minimum requirements for a display or device to be called Ultra HD, namely 3840px horizontally and 2160px vertically for the resolution. It should also have at least one 4K-capable digital input and be able to natively display 4K content without needing to convert.

There are a few 4K devices making their rounds in the market, such as TVs and a camera from Sony, the new Hero3 camera from GoPro, and several other big-name manufacturers with some TV models released in the past few years. However, whether or not they can be classified as Ultra HD is still unknown.

Ultra HD tech and devices are expected to be shown off prominently during CES 2013, which happens from January 8 to 11 in Las Vegas.



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