Unfriend Finder: Download Script To See Who Unfriend You On Facebook (Legit)

Posted on 31 January 2012 by author

Facebook made it possible to keep us stay in touch with friends, and to meet new friends. However, there is no easy way to track those who unfriends us. In fact, with all of Facebook’s notification functions, none functions as notification for any “unfriendly” actions.

A new Facebook option called Unfriend Finder, is now available to exactly perform just that, and more. However, while this new option is not a creation of Mark Zuckeberg, the same can be integrated with other Facebook functionalities.

Unfriend Finder is a downloadable script, which can work with any browsers. Those who are dying to use this new Facebook option can visit unfriendfinder.com. For Firefox browsers, for example, this script can be downloaded using Grease Monkey. Once the script is installed, unfriend finder will appear alongside “Home”, “Profile” and “Account” in the Facebook menu bar or as an option in the left-hand side filter.

Once integrated in the Facebook system, users can receive real time notifications when a friend removes him in the friend list. There can also be notifications for friends who deactivated their accounts, or people who have not yet accepted or ignored friend requests. The script can maintain a list of unfriends starting from the day the script is installed, but not before its installation.

Unfriend Finder may have its depressing side effects, especially when the number of the unfriend list is increasing. To anticipate this effect, the script allows the notification to be disabled.


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