Unreal Engine 4 Graphics Is Ready For PS4 & Xbox 720

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Epic Games hinted at a new game engine at DICE 2012 earlier this year and showed it off at a closed-off event at the GDC back in March to several developers, but now the developer thinks it’s time for the whole world to see just what the new Unreal Engine is capable of with a public debut. Really, the engine doesn’t disappoint, and may just raise the bar for game engines and makers everywhere with how powerful it is.

So far, the Unreal Engine 4 has a handful of screenshots from its tech demo. The demo doesn’t have much of a story, but it does feature a demonic knight decked in heavy fire armor waking up from a long slumber in a castle situated on a frozen mountain. Once it starts moving, the mountain is actually revealed to be a volcano and erupts for the first time in years.

The video hasn’t been released to the public yet, but the screens are still able to give a sense of how much the engine has improved from the previous version. The demon knight has lost the plastic look that still hounds character models in some of the more recent games, the special effects, most especially the flames, have a lot of detail and the background looks like better than anything a high-end camera can produce. In addition, Epic Games threw in some of the wire-frame models used to build some of the objects in the demo, showing just how the generated surroundings are build from scratch.

Unreal Engine 4 For Next-Gen Consoles

To create something of this magnitude, Epic cited James Cameron’s movie Avatar as something that comes very close to an inspiration because of how life-like the computer-generated graphics are, from the Pandora jungles to the characters themselves. The demo was made in just three months by 14 engineers and runs on a single NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680, whereas the Unreal Engine 3′s Samaritan demo needed three GTX 580 chips, which is also a good indicator of how powerful a console needs to be to properly run the Unreal Engine 4. Because of this, the Unreal 4 will not be released for the current consoles, but instead go for the next generation of gaming products, two of which are the rumored Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4.

Of course, it’s not confirmed if “Xbox 720″ and “PS4″ are going to be the actual names of the consoles or whether they’ll have the specs some rumors are talking about, but the Unreal 4 will be coming with the next devices Microsoft, Sony and other manufacturers will be releasing in the future. Epic Games may most likely make a splash at E3, so all we have to do is wait till June comes around.

Meanwhile, there’s an article here from pluggedin stating some arguments why the new engine may not arrive on Xbox 720 despite of the possibilities we laid out above. However, it’s noticeable the write-up seems to be a little confusing for some of its readers, giving an impression ‘unreal engine 4′ is a title not a next-gen tech for graphics engine.


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