Veterans Day Sale 2013 For Used GTA V at $38 on GoHastings

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It’s that time of the year again when Americans honor the people who served in armed service. Traditionally, this is also a time when shoppers find special deals just a few weeks before Black Friday week.


As for Hastings, the retailer shop is now listing used copies of Grand Theft Auto V at $35.75 from its online website, that is, if you’ll use its special 35% off code “SALUTE2YOU”. This deal is available on PS3 and Xbox 360. Promo valid for two days.

According to deal hunters, there’s also a shipping fee at $2.28 across North America giving you a total cost of $38.

So how good is this deal? It’s basically the cheapest one we’ve seen, even better with Amazon’s ninja deal two weeks ago selling the same item for $42.

As for questions with regards to access on Grand Theft Auto: Online, you’ll still be able to do so as Rockstar Games doesn’t require any code for it to work. You should also receive the incoming “Beach Bum DLC” for free packed with new weapons for single player and multiplayer even with a used copy of GTA V.

Currently, we haven’t yet seen any Black Friday ad that offers deal for the mega open-world game. We’ll keep you guys updated.


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