Walmart Pre Christmas Sale Ad 2013 With Wii U Bundle, 3DS Games (12/8-12/14)

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It’s that time of the year again! After Black Friday and Cyber Week, it’s the official start of the holiday season in preparation for Christmas. As for Walmart, it’s already packing up deals for gamers seen from its ad for December 8 – December 14.



Xbox 360 4GB Console at $150

Mario and Luigi Limited Edition 3DS XL Bundle (Silver) with $40 gift card at $200

Nintendo 3DS XL with $40 gift card at $200 each

Nintendo Wii U Bundle (Super Mario Bros. U + Super Luigi U) with $25 gift card at $300

Disney Infinity Starter Pack at $65 (Wii U)

Disney Rapunzel at $13 (Wii U)

Wired Realtree Controller for Xbox 360 and PS3 at $30 each

Video Games

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag with Sacrificed Secrets Pack (Xbox 360 and PS3) at $50 each

Batman Arkham Origins with Legends Skins Pack (Xbox 360 and PS3) at $50 each

Dishonored Game of the Year (Xbox 360 and PS3) at $25

Skyrim Legendary Edition with official add-ons (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC) at $30 each

The Elder Scrolls Anthology (PC) at $40

Select Games for Xbox 360 and PS3 with Bonus Downloadable Content: Madden NFL 25, NCAA Football 14, FIFA 14, Need for Speed Rivals, Battlefield 4 at $45 each (with in-game content worth $20 / $15 for BF4).

Pokemon X (3DS) with Garchomp character download at $40

Pokemon Y (3DS) with Scizor character download at $40


The deals are certainly not in the level of last week’s BF sale but we can also see some decent discounts for Skyrim Anthology and Legendary edition. If you are a frequent Walmart shopper, you’ll also be delighted with the gift cards you can stack when you buy console bundles for Nintendo 3DS XL or Wii U.

(Credit to Blu-Ray Site)


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