Walmart Toy Book Sale 2013: PS4 and Xbox One With Price Match

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We are pleased to inform that Walmart has finally posted its annual Toy Book sale that will begin on November 3 until November 16. This completed the quadfecta of toy deals offered by other retailers like Target, Kmart and Toys R Us.

Interestingly, Walmart doesn’t disappoint gamers as the shop listed more than 40 items consisted of video game titles, consoles including their next-gen counterparts. Later, we’ll tell you how to get discounts from these products.



Xbox One Game Console at $499

4GB Xbox 360 Game Console at $179.00

Xbox One AfterGlow Controller at $29.96 (in Red, Green and Blue)

Playstation 4 Game Console at $399.00

PS3 AfterGlow Controller at $29.96 (in Red, Green and Blue)

Playstation 3 12GB Game Console at $199.00

Nintendo 3DS XL Game Console at $199.96

Nintendo 2DS at $129.96

Mario & Luigi Deluxe Set (Wii U) at $299.96

Playstation 4 Controller at $59.96

Xbox One Controller at $59.96


Video Game Titles

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon at $39.96

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team at $39.96

Mario Party: Island Tour at $39.96

Pokemon X & Y at $39.96

DriveClub (PS4) at $59.96

Knack (PS4) at $59.96

Donkey Kong Country: Tropica Freeze (Wii U) at $49.96

LEGO CITY: Undercover (Wii U) at $49.96

Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) at $59.96

Disney Infinity Interactive Starter Pack at $74.96

Just Dance 2014 (X360) at $39.96

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (X360) at $49.96

Rock Candy Controller (Blue) (X360) at $19.96

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (X360) at $39.96

Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One) at $59.96

Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One) at $59.96


Obviously, all of the items listed above are in their suggested retail prices. But if you are diligent enough to notice on the first page of the ad, Walmart offers a ‘Christmas Ad Match’ for all the items on its Toy Book Sale valid from November 1 until December 24. Of course, this excludes Black Friday and other limited offer deals. But it also means whatever item you see that are discounted from other retailers like Best Buy, Target, Kmart, etc, Walmart will automatically price-match them. Just bring the receipt you have with your previous purchase, the ad of the discounted item and the blue shop will give the difference of the discount through a gift card.

This is good news for those who will buy PS4 and Xbox One consoles. As the ad confirms, they will become available in-stores beginning November 3 and will be shipped to you on their release dates: November 15 and 22 respectively. Currently, they are out-of-stock on Walmart online stores and we are positive it will be the same scenario when we reach Christmas as the demand for these items goes even higher.


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