White iPhone 4 CHIC: Price and Review for Stuart Hughes

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We all know the White iPhone 4 is still pending for its release this Spring-break. But just in case you were born with a true royal-blood who can’t wait, it won’t really hurt if you’ll try this new creation from Stuart Hughes, entitled as the iPhone 4 White ‘CHIC’ Edition.

Check her out!

Without looking at the design, we know this phone is meant for rich-gals with rich sugar daddies. But that doesn’t necessarily mean its innards wouldn’t make any macho-geeks swoon with its beauty. Featuring 500 best quality Swarovski stones carefully crafted on the bezel of the device, it compliments its design giving it a more sensual look. To make things even more special, you’ll be able to choose more expensive stones like Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green and Midnight Black – just in case Swarovski isn’t your type.

Then again, this device would still be the same iPhone 4 featuring all of its “magical abilities” and take note, all the CHIC versions will come in 32GB unclocked model. So even those sultans from the farthest kingdoms would be able to use this and please their daughters.

And yes, its price by the way is tagged comfortably at 2, 795 pounds (4,500 USD) – that is, if you are only planning to stick with its default Swarovski stones. Anyway, if you think CHIC is still a bit “cheap” for you, then this White Diamond Rose might be the iPhone 4 you are looking for!



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