WWE Brawl: Gameplay and Release Date Goes For Next Year

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It is really fun to know that THQ will do anything to get its wrestling games on the heat spot. Well, the known game publisher has already released its WWE All Stars title and it seemed to be a nice game for those who are into some exaggerated wrestling fights.

_WWE Brawl

But for those who want to feel a whole new level of wrestling excitement, the publisher seems to be planning to release a new title that will be set to hit this 2012. And from what we have heard, the game will take on a different approach to wrestling and it will be called as ‘WWE Brawls’.

Additionally, we’ve also heard that the new title will be loaded with wrestlers with super powers (expect some ‘Chain Storms’ and ‘Super Crush’). It was also told that the game will go beyond the wrestling ring and that it will take its fights to a wide range of destructive backgrounds. The game will also be featured in some ‘Saturday morning cartoon-like’ visuals.

As for those who are excited to play the game, WWE Brawls will be released on Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3. There are also reports stating that the game will be extending its market to toys and clothings. It will also have its own animated series.


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