Xbox 360 Update Preview Program: New Disc Format for Xbox 720? (Blu-ray Predictions)

Posted on 30 March 2011 by author

Just when you thought those next-generation Xbox 360 rumor-mills are over, here comes a new update from Microsoft confirming they’ll be unleashing new Xbox 360 disc formats soon. For the meantime, they are inviting large cluster of participants to test this new “disc”, in which it’s only applicable for US players only.

With this Xbox 360 System Update Preview program, you’ll be able to receive the new “disc” format after successfully completing the requirements to join.

If you are interested, you need to visit MS connect site and sign with your Windows Live ID, which is the one you use as your Xbox Live Gamer tag. After that, you’ll need to complete a survey, in which other related updates will appear on your screen. Finally, MS will send you an email once you are selected. It’s still not yet disclosed how many days you should wait until you obtain the newly formatted disc.

As Major Nelson confirms, this program would only be available to US participants only due to the limitation of distribution of these new discs. Also, Xbox Live gold members would be prioritized in the selection process – ouch for the silver team!

For the moment, a lot are anticipating this new disc is all about the improvement of its security and possibility of 360 to utilize Blu-ray disc a standard on its next production. Although, some pundits are still wondering if this hardware revamp has something to do with the howling Xbox 720 release, predicted by some to arrive this year — only time will tell!


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