Xbox 720 May Include 3D Projection On Release

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The Wii started the trend of wireless controls and movement recognition, the PS3 has its crossplay feature with the PS Vita, and the the Xbox 360 has the ever-popular Kinect. With all these advancements in gaming technology, what do you think would be the next step?

If a new patent is anything to go by, it may be a 3D environment in your own living room. The patent was recently granted to Microsoft, which may mean that the next generation of the company’s gaming consoles will be carrying this kind of technology, namely that long-rumored Xbox 720 and its Kinect peripheral.

With this kind of tech, the action will not be limited to just the TV screen, but the whole environment of the game can be projected onto available surfaces of the room as well, creating an even deeper immersion of the player into the game. The real action of course would be happening only on the TV screen, but in certain games such as first-person shooters, you may be able to turn around and see if there’s someone sneaking up behind you because of the projection on the wall, or simply interact with the projections, most likely through gestures.

Some say that this kind of immersive gaming may be supported by Microsoft’s Project Eyewear virtual reality glasses that would receive information and display 16:9 images.

Of course, this is just speculation, and Microsoft hasn’t come out with news of the Xbox 720 or the future of its gaming consoles, but it’s always very interesting to know just what the companies are thinking of to make a player’s gaming experience even better than before.



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