Xbox 720 with Blu-Ray, Supports Kinect 2 on 2013

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Word has gotten out that the next Xbox console, unofficially dubbed 720 by reporters, may introduce Kinect 2, an upgrade to the first Kinect that allows for hands-free gaming with a motion detector. Website Kotaku reported this and more, saying that the news comes from a “reliable industry source”, but doesn’t name just who that source is.

Kinect 2 was given a passing reference from a second anonymous source, as the meat of Kotaku’s post was about the 720′s Blu-Ray drive and anti-used games technology. You heard that right- no more used games for you, if the rumors are true. No one knows how Microsoft will get this incorporated into the next-gen console, but there’s no doubt that a lot of gamers who rely on the cheaper second-hand games will get very irritated.

As said above, the console will also have a Blu-Ray drive as opposed to the 360′s DVD, which might have been inspired by the PS3′s own Blu-Ray support. Should this be true, the Xbox 720 could support up to 25GB on single-layer, and 50GB on a dual-layer disc.

Another site, this time IGN Entertainment, quotes from another anonymous source that the console will be six times more powerful than the previous generation, and will start shipping in October or November of 2013. Kotaku backs this up, and adds that Microsoft may even go for eight times the power. In addition, it was reported that the company is determined to push “boundaries with technology”, although kept mum on the rumor.┬áIn any case, a rumor is still a rumor, and only Microsoft can say what the official details of the up-coming console are.

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