Xbox 720 with Halo 5: Release Date on 2012 and Beyond

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zOmg! After hearing tons of report that the next Xbox console a.k.a Xbox 720 will be announced for this year’s E3 event, only to be fooled and twiced shy by that leak stating it will only have its revelation on 2015, it appears a 3rd party source now confirms this ghost-console will be announced on 2012, for the year’s grandest gaming event.

According to a ‘high-ranking’ source who’s working in Crytek, the next-generation console is about to arrive on E3 2012 and Crytek is in-fact already developing Timesplitters 4 to work with this new platform.

While specific details aren’t yet mentioned, this Xbox 720 machine will support DirectX 11, improved tessellation, multithreaded rendering and advance pixel shaders, giving us the impression its CPU and GPU should be greatly improved if these type of claims are expected to be sought.

Interestingly, this source also confirms that the E3 2012 launch of this console is ahead with the new machine being developed by Playstation, which would be the Playstation 4.

Of course, Microsoft and Crytek didn’t made any comments for this scoop.

On the other side of the gamingsphere, IGN made an article regarding the Halo 4 release for Xbox 360 at the E3 event, in which MS reveals that it would come as a “trilogy”. When IGN asks Microsoft’s Game VP Phil Spencer if all these trilogies will be announced on Xbox 360, he replied “No announcement on that yet”.

Likewise, this could mean the boss is unsure since the next-generation of Xbox 360 is pointed for a revelation next year, which could mean its public release will hit on 2013, just in time for the Halo 5 or Halo 4 trilogies.

I don’t know about you guys, but it appears we solved another puzzle piece for this mythical console. Any violent reactions?


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  1. Eric (Reply) Posted on June 16th, 2011 at 8:37 am

    Wow, Xbox and playstation are both racing to make new game consoles. Video game addicts are sure to swarm over these two as soon as it arrives. I wonder how addictive their games are going to get. Especially with years passing by and graphics becomes more realistic.
    I just hope someday video games can become physically enticing as well. I gave up on video games and part of it is because it’s not that physically enticing for me anymore.


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