Xbox 720 with Windows 9: Release Date and Cheaper Price — A Hoax?

Posted on 09 November 2011 by author

Blogger MSNerd is bringing thrills on the online community with his revelation about a possible smaller Xbox version in the near future tagging along a Windows 9 and ARM processors. And it will be cheaper, as the rumor goes.

Even though a rumor based on rumors is hearsay in legal parlance, legal vernaculars is ignored in tech-inspired online community where rumors have it that a “loop” or XboxTV or Xbox 720 is in the offing and that it is to be fitted with the latest graphics, sensors, sound, encryption and networking features resembling a Zune HD-like hardware. Microsoft will be designing the platform along with two partners based on ARM architecture with a smaller design and a lower price.

The blogger is believed to be credible based on earlier information emanating from the blog about Microsoft’s tablet project Courier (abandoned), the whole fiasco about Zune, Kin and Windows Phone in previous years and the blogger’s possible connection with the Microsoft’s Xbox group. The blogger went further by declaring that the future Xbox will demonstrate Windows Phone’s functionality in Windows 9 development platform.

Given the fact the Microsoft is preoccupied with motion control integration augurs well about the rumor’s validity. On the other hand, everything is still in the planning stage so an Xbox 720 release next year is very unlikely. Stay tuned.



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