Xbox 8 Development: Rumored Release Date on 2013 and Details

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Over the past weeks, there have been reports on the features of the latest PC Windows 8 operating system as well as the Windows Phone 8 mobile OS. Apparently, the new Xbox 720 may be called as the “Xbox 8″ as it has been reported to share information with the new Windows 8 platform. According to a Microsoft source, it was pointed out that the Windows 8 will be integrated with an application that is similar to the one used in the platform of the current Windows phone. As a result, this will allow individuals to search for music, TV shows, movies, games, and apps for the Xbox 360.

In relation to this, a new report has indicated that a new cloud type service can enable users to exchange content, including music and movies, among Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and the latest Xbox. Xbox Live games will be made available for all three platforms. However, at present, the extent of compatibility and integration remains unknown.

The current Xbox makes use of an interface similar to the Windows 7.5 Mango as well as the Windows 8. It may seem that the company is seeking ways with which to incorporate all three products together, just as what Apple has successfully achieved. Meanwhile, while there have been reports indicating various names for the next-gen Xbox, many are still skeptical whether the next gen console for Microsoft will be called Xbox 8. Reportedly, it can be expected to be released in June 2013.


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