Xbox 8 (Infinity) Out In The Wild, Domain Release Leaked

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Due to some domain names being won by Microsoft (one of which is being called Xbox8.com) after some filed disputes with a China resident named “Cheng Juan”, a lot of speculations have risen as to the possibility of having an 8th Xbox for our future. Some say that it might be in preparation for the release of the next Xbox edition (Infinity), the company would like to make sure that their domains are unique.

Unfortunately, some confusion has been happening since there are still a lot of Xbox 8 domains that are still up and running as of this moment. Some say that Microsoft would like to develop the Xbox 8 in order to easily work with their new Windows 8.

Others who have been waiting for the Xbox 720 says that the planned 2013 released will probably be moved in order to accommodate new plans for the Xbox. This is because there have been talks that Nintendo will be releasing their new WiiU. Since the two consoles mostly compete with each other in the market, Microsoft is trying to find ways in order to release a more enticing product for their fans.

As of the moment, the company has not given any confirmation to any of the speculations so all we can do for now is wait and see.


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