Xbox Live Down May 25: Marketplace Outage and Hacked Rumors

Posted on 26 May 2011 by author

You want to know the real extent of damage PSN has put in the minds of gamers around the world? Well, how about having the Xbox Live’s service disrupted today for undisclosed reason, and the majority automatically thinks it’s somewhat related to the PSN hack-attack!

Yes folks, right now, you can’t access the Xbox Live Marketplace since Microsoft has shut it down, and they aren’t still giving any reasons for this one.

If you don’t believe us, you can try to log-in on your XBL account and check out the marketplace, and you’ll see that all of its content are gone; including its other sections like Games on Demand spitting a message of “no content available”.

Likewise, Microsoft has already acknowledge the problem today and they are looking on it as we speak.

Check out its statement via VG247.

Then again, this outage isn’t like the PSN-apocalypse, and you can still play online games and send messages with your buddies; just the ability of downloading content titles are out for the moment.

After searching some “wise” comments around the web, you can’t help but to do the facepalm after seeing reactions all pointing out this outage was related to PSN.

Or maybe the Boogey Man did it! What do you think?


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