Xbox Live on Windows 8: Release Date and Features Goes Imminent

Posted on 11 June 2011 by author

Like the previous statement of Microsoft, the company’s new aim is to turn its Xbox Live, Windows Phone 7 and other services into one body of entertainment goodness that will deliver everything you need in a sync and organized way.

Last year, the company made its first step by letting you connect Xbox 360 with Windows Phone 7 partially via its Xbox Live Dashboard, enabling you to change your avatar, check your status, etc. As of today, Microsoft also announced that its upcoming Windows 8 will also be included on the mix, and it will be integrated on Xbox Live.

To be more specific, MS’s VP Mike Delman announced that Xbox Live will be the “pervasive media service across devices”, and it’s expected to deliver to what I call “your entertainment needs” may it be from Windows Phone 7 or Windows 8. Likewise, the company’s goal is to provide a unified ecosystem and it believes this is a lucrative move.

Interestingly, Delman is very careful of not including specific features pointed for this announcement, and the only thing we get aside from this revelation is about more of its goodies unfolded on next year’s E3 event – still on Los Angeles.

Just so you know, if you’re still using Windows XP all your life, your first impression for the upcoming Windows 8 will be, “is this Windows?”.



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