Xbox Prestige: Amazing Xbox 720 Concept Design; Release Remains A Fantasy

Posted on 30 November 2011 by author

Here’s a treat for all those who want to feed their fantasy with the next Xbox console as Yanko Design released its concept creation called “Xbox Prestige” which showcase an interesting idea of melding the Kinect Sensor and the Xbox console all on a single hardware that doesn’t need any controller; whereas it’s described to be even smaller than the Xbox Slim.

It packs two kinect sensor cameras which is integrated on the console along with voice recognition making the device “super responsive” with the user’s gaming needs. The designer also introduced “KinectIN” enabling players to purchase a game through scanning a chip built-in the console, after that, it’ll be activated with the user’s Xbox Live account and play the game on the system’s cloud-based servers.

And oh, its specs include an 8-core CPU, 3D support, 4K2K multiTV and webcam including a GPS to track the location of a user – much like geotagging.

Going back to reality, it’s rumored several times “Xbox 720” will be announced on CES 2012 and it’ll come in two variants. The higher-end model will be infused with a dual-GPU from AMD whereas insiders claim the device will ship on holidays of 2012.

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