Youtube Red Wants Your $10 / Month To Remove Ads When Watching Videos

Posted on 26 October 2015 by author

YouTube Red will be soon available initially in the U.S offering ad-free subscription-based video service and other services pertaining to music and gaming. US-based customers will enjoy YouTube Red features for a monthly fee of $9.99 with a one-month free trial while iOS users are charged $12.99 for availing of the service. Other platforms such as Android-based devices and desktop PC users will be charged the usual $9.99 monthly rate.


The ads-free playback and recording features of YouTube Red will be augmented with Google Play Music and an app that can play all kinds of music online through YouTube Originals. During its initial year of operations, YouTube Gaming service and YouTube Kids will be available for subscribers although YouTube Red will come out October 28 next year while YouTube Originals will have its debut early next year. Google is offering the ads-free YouTube service for a fee to raise money and complement the original and free YouTube service which depends on ads provided by advertisers.

As compared to the original YouTube, YouTube Red also offers the ability for users to download and watch all kinds of videos and music. The YouTube Gaming Service is an added feature that lets users play all kinds of online games available through Google Play. The YouTube Music, in fact, will be available through an app that is accessible by all platforms – Web-based PCs, Android and iOS.


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