The New iPad 3: Summary Review and Announcement

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Its the moment we’re all waiting for, or at least some of us. As expected, Apple took the stage spearheaded by its CEO Tim Cook to reveal the new iPad. With that being said, it’s noticeable the company is careful not to call the tablet as “iPad 3 / iPad HD” contrary to the previous expectations we had. Still, the new kid on the block got a lot of new tricks to show and we’re here to mince them for you.

ipad 3 official pic The New iPad 3: Summary Review and Announcement

Retina Display

ipad 3 retina display The New iPad 3: Summary Review and Announcement

This was first on the list of Phil Schiller’s keynote. And so far, most of the things mentioned are something we already know thanks to the never-ending reports we have from insiders.

At a glance, the new iPad will have a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 which sums up to 3.1 million pixels. Comparing it with iPad 2’s 1080p resolution, the new tablet has one million more pixels which frankly dwarfs your 1080p HDTV as well.

At 264ppi, the device has the most pixels ever produced on a mobile device. For comparison, you need to hold iPhone 4 10 inches away from your point of view to notice any pixel change while on ‘iPad 3’, it’ll be 15 inches.

More Powerful CPU and New Camera

ipad a5x cpu1 The New iPad 3: Summary Review and Announcement

Next will be its new CPU called “A5X” which matches the previous rumor we had last week. As expected, it will be a quad-core chip with its own integrated GPU. Phil didn’t waste any time comparing it with its budding competitor on the other side poking NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chip –- which powers most future Android tablets as we’ve seen from CES and MWC. According to him, A5X is “twice as fast” than a Tegra 3 processor, something which we love to see be tested in real life.

ipad 3 camera 1 The New iPad 3: Summary Review and Announcement

Then, we have the new iSight camera. This is something we expect similar with the transition of iPhone 4 to 4S. Now, with the new iPad, it’ll have a 5-megapixel illuminated sensor on its back with “5-element lens”, IR filter, and ISP built on the new A5X chip. Again, this build is similar with iPhone 4S which is great since it enhances the iSight to capture better photos including auto-exposure and auto-focus. Last but not the least, it finally supports 1080p video-recording — now, imagine more people holding a 10 inch tablet when they’re shooting something.

Siri-like Voice Dication App and 4G LTE Support

ipad 3 4g The New iPad 3: Summary Review and Announcement

We aren’t exactly sure why Apple didn’t mention the term “Siri” for its new tablet, all we know is that it’ll have a Voice Dictation app similar to Siri but it’s not yet officially called Siri –- got that? Language accepted will be U.S English, British, Australian, French, German and Japanese.

Now, after a year of wait, we finally have 4G LTE support on the iPad! Just so you know, this will be Apple’s first device to ever receive such treatment. And from the looks of it, the list of capabilities it posses is comparable to the latest 4G devices we have from Android.

Just a recap, iPad 2 has 3.1Mbps on EV-DO, 7.2 on HSPA. Now, the new tablet has 21Mbps HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA at 42Mbps, with LTE blazing up to 73Mbps of download speeds. I must say this is amazing for a new comer on the LTE race. Other details include global roaming support, will provide CDMA and GSM models and it will become available on AT&T, Verizon including Rogers, Bell and Telus. Probably, this hints the next iPhone (iPhone 5) will feature the same chops. Sweet!

Physical Appearance and Battery Life

ipad 3 tech specs The New iPad 3: Summary Review and Announcement

This is the part where the rumors we’ve gathered fell short. Contrary to those stories of an iPad with a “smaller profile” sans the home button. It appears the new tablet still has the same button on the lower center of its screen whereas its screen size still stretches at 9.7-inch diagonally measuring at 9.4mm although this one is slightly heavier at 1.4 pounds.

Meanwhile, it still bode the same battery life lasting for 10 hours on WiFi and 9 hours while surfing on 4G.

Price and Release Date

iPad Mini, 7-inch iPad… yeah right. Well, Apple made it clear the new iPad will come on the same package and pricing details which means, you’ll be able to grab its cheapest model (16GB / WiFi) at $499, 32GB at $599 and 64GB at $699. Interested for the 4G variant? It starts at $629, $729 and $829 for its 16GB/32GB and 64GB respectively. Like we said, it’s the same pricing plan from the iPad 2, the only difference is, we now have 4G support.
Now, for those who are still willing to get the one-year old iPad 2, its price is now cut to $100. This puts its cheapest 16GB+WiFi model at $399, and the rest of its models to follow.

As expected with Apple, the company remains fluid with its launch strategy in which users will be able to pre-order the new iPad today via Apple, while its shipping will began on March 16 on U.S, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan available in Black / White color. Hooray for that!


ipad 3 tim cook The New iPad 3: Summary Review and Announcement

The iPad 3 is everything what the iPad 2, with its core specs boosted. While some might say these are still “cosmetic upgrades” as seen from the transition of iPhone 4 or 4S, we can’t deny the new tablet has the power to change the market once again, and it’s happening just a mere week from now!

If you’re planning to buy your first ever tablet, we have our fingers pointed for the new iPad. Now, the case is somewhat tricky if you already have the iPad 2. Likewise, it will tumble down to your needs and in case that requires a faster CPU, better camera and LTE support then you may want to check Apple’s new mecca – it still has the same price you know.

Tim Cook’s final note:

“We have redefined yet again the category that Apple created just two years ago with the original iPad.”

“The amazing new iPad. A new affordable price for the amazing iPad 2. Amazing software like iPhoto and the rest of the iWork suite.”

“2012: There’s a lot to look forward to. – we are just getting started.” – on the way towards iPhone 5 on June huh?



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