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Do these things sound familiar?

You got home from school or work  then you find yourself fascinated on a gadget, political view, entertainment news or on a movie. It really  just can’t get out of your head. Now, you begin to write it in your blog  on your favorite social networking site. After letting your article sit for a few days, you realize only a few people respond to your post.


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  • Do you wish more people will reach out and share their views on your posts?
  • Do you want to share more of your expertise to others and create a socio-dynamic interaction with your readers?
  • How about generating more readers for your blog?
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    If your answer is YES!!  Then YOU are the RIGHT person we are looking for..

    Who are we looking for? magnifying thumb Write with us

    We are inviting someone who has the passion and loves to write about any possible topic under the sun.  The genre is yours to choose from, may it be funny and hilarious, a little bit geeky perhaps or it could be just expressing views or opinions.  The sky is the limit.

    Topics to choose from

    • Gadgets (cellphone, camera, computer, your techie imagination! )
    • Social media (informational, beneficial, controversial)
    • Entertainment (latest buzz, rip-off movies, best and worst trends)
    • Politics (what you like, what you don’t like)
    • Blogging (technical, tips & tricks, benefits, SEO, etc.)
    • The latest (significant events that is happening around the globe that affects you!)

    We are always open on other subject as  long as they fit the general theme of this site. You could always contact us and send your samples!

    classroom thumb Write with usWhy write with us?

    Pinoytutorial is focused on educating readers on things they can learn more out of the common topic and contemporary media. Also, we cannot cover all the information we want to share by being a private entity. We believe that blog sites should be open to public for FREE! and its primary objective is to share knowledge so that many can benefit from it.

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    • For the guest poster, the benefits include reaching  new audiences and, if you have a site of your own, the potential to gain new readers from this exposure. Your articles will get TWICE the social media promotion between authors and pinoytutorial social networks.
    • For the readers, the benefits include gaining new insight & perspective on topics as well as the discovery of another informative and beneficial site.
    • Once you subscribe and submit your articles, it will be subjected for further reviews. Once you accumulate unique and quality articles under your name that is viewed by many, you may send us your LOGO, or the LINK to your blog. We will show this on the sidebar of the blogsite and be known as one of  our TOP BLOG WRITERS. How cool is that? You will be an instant WEB celebrity!

    Rules and Regulations

    • The articles you write for pinoytutorial must be original. It means that you should be the original author and was not published on other website (including your own). Google super crawlers are smart and neither of us want to be slapped by BIG G right?
    • A maximum of 2 links are allowed (including your website, social networking account etc.) as long as it is not peppered with links focused on affiliate product sales. Here’s a tip: Don’t smother your post with a lot of links to ads since it won’t be a post anymore but an ADS collection . (-_-)
    • No MALICIOUS content (including rudeness, exploitation, racism, explicit share of hatred to others).
    • AD links to ADULT sites is a complete NO, NO. Other inappropriate ads will be erased.
    • JAVASCRIPTS  intended for other purposes aside from the content of your posts are prohibited and will be automatically deleted
    • We reserve the right to review and edit all submitted articles.

      How soon before my articles are approved?check thumb Write with us

      We will read all articles/ideas submitted ASAP, and give you a reply within 24 hours. This way you will not be waiting in vain for nothing.

      How soon before my article are posted?

      This really depends on the website traffic and number of other posts we have in queue. Generally, it can be published within the day if your post only needs a few revisions.

      Do we @ pinoytutorial write guest posts for other sites?


      We write all articles on lifebytes, techtorial and bestandworst though if you like, we could also write a guest post on your site. However, we remind everyone that it may take sometime depending on the work load we have with our site and other projects. We can also guarantee you that we don’t sacrifice quality over time. The posts will always be accurate and well reviewed.

      If you have other questions and inquiries. Please let us know.

      So what are you waiting for? Write with us and together we will Blog the world!

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