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Xbox 360 With 2-Year Contract: Full Details For Pricing and Subscription

True to its word, Microsoft has introduced its Xbox 360 with a 2-year subscription plan bringing its price down to just $99. See full details.


Xbox 360 With Contract Fee, Two-Year Subscription Plan To Be Announced

Microsoft was reportedly planning to introduce a subsidized Xbox 360 console with subscription plans to allow cash tight individuals to own 1.


Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Confirmation, Release Date On Xbox 360 First

Xbox 360 gamers of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will first receive the Dawnguard DLC. See new updates and features.


Black Ops 2 Zombies Confirmation and Release Date From Trailer

COD: Black Ops 2 is now official. Activision has posted its reveal trailer, boxart and pre-purchase options for diehard fans.


Xbox Woodstock Music Service: Release To Replace Zune On E3?

Microsoft is developing the Xbox Woodstock Music Service and reportedly plans to release it on E3. Will it replace Zune Music? See details.


Robert Bowling’s Robotoki: New Project Away From Creating Games

Previous Cal of Duty creative director Robert Bowling founded Robotoki, a new development studio that aims to create a unique game for different platforms.


N-Control Avenger Elite: Price and Features Made For FPS Games

A more improved N-Control Avenger Elite gives gamers the freedom to elevate their gaming experience to newer heights. See updated features and price details.


Crysis 3: Official Release Date and Details — Everything Important

One of the most anticipated FPS titles is EA’s Crysis 3. Initial details and screenshots were revealed online. See them all including gameplay preview and release date


Dragon Ball Z For Kinect: Release Date and Motion-Based Gameplay Confirmed

Dragon Ball Z fans can now appreciate high octane gameplay through their Kinect controllers. See how you can cast kame hame ha using Kinect.


Xbox Live and PSN Games To Increase Cost For Players

Both PlayStation Network (PSN) and Xbox Live are reportedly planning to increase game cost for players. See details.


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